Boost power in back-contact modules with our Conductive backsheet: Endurans® CB

If you want to get the maximum performance from high-power back-contact solar modules, look no further than the Endurans® Conductive backsheet (CB). Not only does its unique design deliver an increased power output of up to 3% by reducing resistive losses; this backsheet also enables you to develop beautiful black modules with industry-leading power density – ideal for residential and commercial rooftop applications and building-and-vehicle-integrated PV.

Endurans CB Conductive backsheet

Industry support for back-contact technology

Today, high power back-contact modules are being mass-manufactured worldwide with our Conductive backsheet technology.

In North America, our customer, the leading module manufacturer Silfab Solar, has launched the Silfab Elite SIL-410 BG module– a premium offering that meets growing demand in the residential rooftop segment.

In Europe, we work with research partners across the industry, including TNO, the Dutch knowledge institute, and one of the early developers of MWT technology. The innovative module manufacturer Energyra is not only using the Endurans™ Conductive backsheet in its products, but also developing and testing various exciting new module concepts. Meanwhile, our solution is now set to be used in combination with the ground-breaking ZEBRA IBC cell technology developed by ISC Konstanz. Ultimately, this is a technology that benefits everyone in the solar value chain – which is why we’re dedicated to working with a growing number of industry partners to ensure back-contact cell technology comes of age.

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Endurans HP backsheet

Solving a long-standing problem

The Endurans® CB solves a long-standing problem for the solar industry by bringing efficiency and cost-effectiveness to back-contact modules. It’s all based on a super-efficient interconnection cell design featuring a unique patterning system of a highly conductive metal sheet (a pivotal part of the manufacturing process for conductive backsheets).

The result: a durable, scalable, ‘lossless’ conductive backsheet that delivers the highest power density and output available today, thus maximizing the output of every square centimeter of space available on the front of the module.

Our Conductive backsheets are compatible with MWT and IBC cells – and are ready and available for mass commercial production.

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Back-contact cells: it’s time for the sleeping giant to awake!

Back-contact technology combined with Conductive backsheets has always had a tremendously compelling business case. Not only does it have the potential to generate instantaneous and lasting gains in energy yield of over 3% versus other high-efficiency cell interconnection technologies; it can also be applied to multiple cell architectures.

The challenge for our industry has always been striking the right performance/cost balance in order to drive sufficient volumes and mass adoption…until now. With our ‘lossless’ Endurans™ Conductive backsheet we are now making this technology a viable and exciting proposition for module makers. It’s time for the sleeping giant to awake!

Business Director Endurans CB

Lawrence Theunissen

Business Director Conductive backsheets
Endurans® Solar

Endurans CB Conductive backsheet
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