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Our innovation is driven by collaboration. We listen to the challenges of customers and module manufacturers – and then use our expertise in manufacturing and polymers to deliver effective solutions.

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Endurans offering Encapsulants for solar modules enhancing output of solar farms

Multilayer Encapsulants

Endurans is committed to advancing the solar industry’s success and sustainability through innovative materials. Our flagship product, Endurans HP backsheet, exemplifies this commitment with its durability, excellent performance-to-cost ratio, and unmatched sustainability. Building on this success, we are thrilled to introduce Endurans® ME, our latest development in encapsulant technology. Endurans® ME is a modified multilayer EPE encapsulant designed specifically for modules featuring cutting-edge cell technologies like TOPCon and HeteroJunction. Not only is Endurans® ME easy to process and handle, it also offers outstanding moisture barrier properties, electrical resistance, and adhesion retention. What sets Endurans® ME apart is its sustainability features: its outer layers can be separated, and its high-temperature POE core can be remelted. This innovation underscores our dedication to sustainability while delivering superior performance. We are proud to offer Endurans® ME as the latest addition to our product lineup, embodying our commitment to excellence and environmental responsibility.

Transparent backsheet for bifacial modules

The TRUSTPV research project is a Euro 12m initiative that brings together some of the world’s biggest solar players. Prominent among them is Endurans® Solar – and our prototype transparent backsheet – which is now being used to develop and test a new generation of bifacial solar modules.

Endurans' innovations in solar panels

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