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Our innovation is driven by collaboration. We listen to the challenges of customers and module manufacturers – and then use our expertise in manufacturing and polymers to deliver effective solutions.

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Endurans Rear Insulator Film

Rear Insulator Film

Our Endurans® Conductive backsheet (CB) for back-contact modules is designed to conduct the current from the solar cells to the junction box whilst at the same time protecting the module from outside moisture and other threats. But these modules need an extra “line of defense” to avoid the threat of current leakage and short circuiting: which is where the Rear Perforated Insulator (RPI) film comes into play.

This insulator film separates the solar cells from the conductive backsheet, with small perforations placed with precision to separate the positive and negative contact points. By connecting the Endurans® CB with the cells using a conductive paste or adhesive through the perforations in the RPI, the conductive backsheet can guide the current from cell-to-cell – and finally to the junction box.
Our sheets have been created specifically for optimal stability and flatness: designed for peace of mind.

Transparent backsheet for bifacial modules

The TRUSTPV research project is a Euro 12m initiative that brings together some of the world’s biggest solar players. Prominent among them is Endurans® Solar – and our prototype transparent backsheet – which is now being used to develop and test a new generation of bifacial solar modules.

Endurans' innovations in solar panels
Recycling back-contact modules

Recycling back-contact modules

PARSEC is a Dutch RVO-funded research project that has brought together four key solar players with one common goal: to develop fully recyclable back-contact solar modules – and ultimately pave the way for greater uptake of this high power-density technology.

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