Better together in solar

There is no innovation without collaboration – which is why at Endurans™ Solar we’re always looking for new partners. Our network of collaborators helps to develop, test and launch solar solutions onto the market faster – whether it’s leading institutes like Fraunhofer or CPVT; or eco-system partners like ISC Konstanz or SolarDuck.

Here’s a brief flavor of the work we are doing.


What are we doing?

Mask Group 25

Endurans™ Solar and Sharp

A long relationship

Endurans™ Solar and TRUSTPV

Developing bifacial modules with transparent backsheets

Endurans™ Solar and Silfab Solar

Bringing a new generation of back-contact modules to North America

Endurans™ Solar and Lightyear

Accelerating the move to clean motoring

Enlog & Padar

Trusted agents that listen to the marketplace

Endurans™ Solar and Eurotron

Boasting the world’s largest installed base of automated module assembly lines

Endurans™ Solar and Energyra

Fueling the renewable spirit

Endurans™ Solar and ISC Konstanz

Making solar energy fit for the future

The PARSEC project

Making recyclable back-contact solar modules a reality

Endurans™ Solar and SolarDuck

Creating the floating platform of the future