The ultimate ‘all-purpose’ backsheet

The Endurans® backsheet HP D15 raises the bar in performance/cost ratio. It’s a true all-rounder that delivers excellent moisture protection and sand abrasion resistance (plus outstanding mechanical, UV and chemical resistance) – but with a more affordable material stack based on a hard-wearing outer layer made from modified polyolefin.

Outstanding sand abrasion resistance & mechanical properties

We know that solar parks located in extremely hot climates need solar modules with equally extreme protection to combat the dry and dusty desert-like conditions. Sand abrasion is a particular challenge for solar parks in desert-like climates – and the D15 is superior in its segment in terms of both abrasion resistance and retaining its excellent mechanical properties. 

Excellent moisture resistance

Unlike traditional PET-based backsheets, the core layer of Endurans® HP D15 consists of modified polyolefin. This in turn delivers outstanding moisture protection, thus maximizing your power gain – and bankable uptime.

Endurans HP D15 Backsheet

A proven backsheet

The Endurans® HP D15 is a genuine one-off. In fact, it’s now the recipient of the world’s first integrated stress sequence accelerated aging certificate – from industry leading third-party testing and certification organization, TÜV SÜD. This tough material evaluation simulates natural conditions through a combination of damp heat aging, ultraviolet aging, high-and-low temperature cycle aging, and other sequences. What else would you expect from a product based on a proven HPO technology platform installed in more than 20 million modules worldwide?

A sustainable backsheet

Like the rest of our Endurans backsheet family, the Endurans® HP D15 is fluorine-free with up to a 30% lower carbon footprint than traditional equivalents. It’s fully recyclable and leaves zero production waste. And by formulating the full material stack, we retain full control of product quality.

The ultimate in module protection

Today around 7GW of solar modules installed globally have our Endurans backsheets inside. That’s more than 20 million modules: a proven backsheet solution.

Superior backsheet performance

Eight years of performance data from nine sites dating back to 2015 reveals: no yellowing, no excessive abrasion, no chalking, and no delamination. In fact, we’ve seen evidence at sites that modules featuring the Endurans® HP actually perform better than their counterparts in terms of energy yield and/or degradation rates. It’s why one of the world’s leading module manufacturers, Silfab Solar, has extended the warranty offered on modules featuring Endurans® HP to 30 years. In short, the co-extruded backsheet Endurans® HP D15 is built to last.

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Endurans HP backsheet

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Excellent performance / cost ratio


The analyst’s view

The numbers don’t lie, and neither do the analysts.

Endurans backsheet HP D15

Black & Veatch: an independent assessment of our backsheet found many aspects to be superior and/or ranking among the top of the list compared to other commercially available backsheets.

Enertis (Technical Advisor): “Co-extruded polyolefin core backsheets have a lower probability of field failure than PET core backsheets. Consequently, a PV project using such backsheets will exhibit a longer useful life.”

Winner: AQM Award

TÜV Rheinland’s All Quality Matters Solar Congress in 2019

Our Endurans backsheet was recognized at the TÜV Rheinland’s All Quality Matters Solar Congress in 2019, winning the ‘PV Component Backsheet’ category. The product was extensively tested and assessed on everything from breakdown voltage, reflection and tensile strength to elongation retention, yellowing index and volume resistance.

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