Accelerating the move to clean motoring

Improving the range and efficiency of Electric Vehicles (EVs) represents a wonderful opportunity for solar innovation. One such innovator is Lightyear, and its groundbreaking Lightyear One model – which features an Integrated Photovoltaic (VIPV) solar roof featuring our Endurans™ CB.

This backsheet makes every available centimeter on the front of the module available for capturing more sunlight by enabling all the connections between the solar cells on a PV panel to be put on the back of the module. This in turn not only reduces electrical (cell-to-module) losses with a 3% increase in power output; it also contributes to a more stylish-looking vehicle.  

In 2022, the Lightyear One is expected to ramp up production – with the Endurans™ Solar team continuing to provide support in terms of both application expertise and improved performance/price of the Conductive backsheet itself; not least by further assessing and optimizing the different layers used in the material stack.

It’s an exciting opportunity – but not the only one in this segment. Here at Endurans™ Solar, we’re now working with several other well-known automotive manufacturers to support them in developing a similar rooftop solution based on our conductive backsheets. The race for cleaner motoring is truly on…

Slider Lightyear - Endurans™ Solar partner