Energyra: fueling the renewable spirit

Energyra is already one of the largest producers of back-contact modules in Europe. But it has no plans to stop there.

The company is a major customer of Endurans® Solar and our conductive backsheet – used in its existing MWT PERC residential PV modules as well as in Energyra’s next generation ICONIQ modules using ZEBRA IBC cells. But it’s also a likeminded partner – constantly looking to push the innovation envelope, with new applications and technologies.

Today, we’re working with Energya on developing and testing various exciting new module concepts – from flexible, lightweight models, to modules that could be used in vehicles.

Longer term, our goal is to be a one-stop-shop – both for Energya and other key customers – by providing the entire range of polymer films needed for tomorrow’s solar modules. This includes the rear perforated insulator that provides electrical insulation and a physical buffer between the critical parts of the solar cells and the conductive backsheet. With Energyra we’re truly putting our energy…into solar energy!

Energyra - Endurans Solar partner

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