Making solar energy fit for the future

ISC Konstanz is one of the solar industry’s leading knowledge institutes, developing next-generation technologies that are licensed to solar cell producers like SPIC in China.

Perhaps its most exciting breakthrough has been the development of a new kind of IBC (Interdigitated Back Contact) cell, which has particular aesthetic appeal because it features no visible metallization whatsoever. Called ZEBRA, it has huge potential to deliver a new level of price/performance in IBC technology. Enter Endurans® Solar.

We are now working closely with the institute on a roadmap to improve both cell efficiency and cost – using our conductive backsheet Endurans® CB in collaboration with another familiar partner, Eurotron – with its automated solar assembly line (hence, the solar ecosystem in action!).

We are working together to create and test new ZEBRA/Endurans-based demo modules. We have developed a rock-solid business case for all companies in the value chain, called “Value Model”, which underlines the enormous potential of this technology.

Endurans CB Conductive backsheet

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