The Silfab Elite: ‘not just another solar panel’

Back in 2019, Silfab Solar and DSM Advanced Solar (part of which is now Endurans® Solar) entered into a strategic partnership to develop a new generation of high-power back-contact modules for the North American market.

The fruit of that partnership, is the Silfab Elite SIL 370/375/380 BK and, more recently, the Silfab Elite SIL 410 BG, one of the highest efficiency solar panels manufactured exclusively in the United States.

Demand for these high-power modules across the region is increasing rapidly, not least thanks to an outstanding review by the renowned PV Evolution Labs (PVEL) in their 6th annual PV Module Reliability Scorecard. Having been put through their paces with a battery of demanding tests, several Silfab Solar PV modules received a “top performer” rating, including the Silfab Elite series.

And now, with the US Inflation Reduction Act of 2022 boosting made-in-America solar modules, demand is increasing even more rapidly.

Having worked with this valued customer to create a premium product based on a robust manufacturing process, the focus now for Endurans® Solar is simple: to continue delivering the materials and expertise needed to take the module performance of Silfab Solar’s Elite series even higher.

Silfab Solar - Endurans Solar partner

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