April 18, 2023

Circular backsheets: Protecting PV panels AND the planet

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Lately we had 2 great opportunities to give a presentation close to our heart: about circular solar and how our Endurans HP helps the solar industry to become more circular: on 30 March at the Taiyang News Solar & Sustainability Virtual Conference and on 17 April at the Sunday Conference in Ede, Netherlands. Imco Goudswaard explained how current laminated backsheets follow a linear model from production to waste disposal (landfill, glycolysis or incineration), whereas our co-extruded polyolefin backsheet can be fully recycled (via remelting the edge trim and high efficient pyrolysis at module’s end-of-life). A good example of turning waste into value!

You can download the presentation below or in our download center, where you can also find previously presented posters and presentations.

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