November 30, 2023

Expanding our horizons: Endurans’ portfolio soars with collaborative solutions!

Endurans takes the stage at the 11th BC Workshop

Endurans innovations intertwine seamlessly within the module like trapeze artists in a circus act.

As a proud sponsor of the 11th Back-Contact Workshop, hosted by ISC Konstanz on November 29th-30th, Endurans seized the opportunity to showcase our latest material advancements for back-contact modules. Lawrence Theunissen, our Business Director, captivated the audience by unveiling our commitment to innovation.

Beyond our renowned conductive backsheet for high-efficiency back-contact solar modules, Lawrence highlighted our strides in developing cutting-edge products like rear perforated insulators and encapsulants. These innovations stem from our core expertise in crafting polyolefin-based, co-extruded solutions geared towards circularity, seamlessly intertwining within the module like agile trapeze artists in a circus act.

Emphasizing the value of collaboration, Lawrence stressed the significance of partnering within ecosystems.

Wondering how Endurans can support and collaborate with your team? You can now download the presentation and more in our download center or contact us directly.


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