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September 19, 2022

Endurans Solar ramps-up production of its ‘made-in-America’ backsheets: announces manufacturing capacity expansion

Just weeks after the Inflation Reduction Act was passed into US law, Endurans Solar continues to consolidate its position as the country’s leading domestic backsheet manufacturer. Significant commercial volumes of the award-winning Endurans HP backsheet are now being manufactured in Nashua, New Hampshire to meet increased demand from several leading US module manufacturers.

Endurans made-in-america backsheets.

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Endurans™ Solar
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New Business Development  Manager
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Endurans™ Solar
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The Endurans™ HP backsheet is manufactured using a unique, lamination-free, co-extrusion process that delivers superior protective qualities, based on a novel material stack.

Furthermore, the new legislation means that Endurans™ customers are now achieving substantial cost savings on import duties as well as benefitting from shorter, leaner supply chains; while also doing their part for the planet by reducing the carbon footprint associated with long-distance backsheet shipments. Furthermore, the Endurans™ HP backsheet technology itself delivers a range of sustainability benefits. Made from PFAS-free, fully recyclable polyolefin formulations, the Endurans™ backsheet has up to a 30% lower carbon footprint compared to traditional products.

To accommodate anticipated demand both in the US and overseas, Endurans™ Solar is also executing plans to significantly increase its US backsheet manufacturing capacity. The company is currently finalizing site selection for a new manufacturing plant, with the new line expected to become operational in mid-2023.

Said Nathan Arbitman, President of Endurans™ Solar: “We’re excited that many more millions of solar panels will be manufactured and installed in the US over the coming years, and we look forward to supporting the growth of US solar panel manufacturers with our high-performance, sustainable and made-in-America backsheets.”

Endurans™ Solar

Endurans™ Solar uses its expertise in polymer materials and technology to enable clean, affordable energy for all. A wholly owned subsidiary of Worthen Industries, with production facilities across Asia, Europe, and the USA, Endurans™ Solar applies its long-standing track record in polymer science, co-extrusion and solar technology know-how to develop and commercialize innovative material solutions for solar panel manufacturers. The fully recyclable HPO – high-performance polyolefin – backsheets (Endurans™ HP D15) feature the strongest core layer in the industry whereas the conductive backsheets (Endurans™ CB) enable high-efficiency and aesthetically pleasing solar modules based on back-contact technology. More than 20 million modules featuring these UL-certified backsheets have been installed worldwide. More info:

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