July 17, 2023

Our Dutch Solar Technology Lab has moved to C-Mill in Heerlen

Just a reminder to let you know that our Dutch Endurans Solar colleagues from our Solar Technology Lab have now officially moved into their new home at the C-Mill in Heerlen, just a couple of kilometers away from their previous lab at the Brightlands Campus in Geleen.

Opening Solar technology lab Heerlen

To mark the occasion, the team performed an official opening ceremony with speeches, a toast, and a guided tour through the new lab.

Please note that STL’s new address is now Endurans Solar Technology Lab, C-Mill, Building 7, Unit 029, Jan Campertstraat 7, 6416SG, Heerlen, The Netherlands.

So, if you’re in the neighborhood, why not drop by and say hello (the coffee’s good!).

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