Eurotron: next-generation module production

Eurotron, a major strategic partner for Endurans® Solar, boasts the world’s largest installed base of automated module assembly lines for back-contact cell solar modules – often featuring our own conductive backsheet Endurans® CB.

Eurotron is a highly technology-driven company. Eurotron’s module assembly lines guarantee their customers efficient machine performance with the lowest possible cost-of-ownership. And of course, high-end back-contact solar modules which perform better, last longer, and deliver superior value.

One other interesting aspect of our collaboration is Eurolab, Eurotron’s laboratory that facilitates pre-production of back-contact solar panels, R&D projects, and small-scale production. Eurolab is equipped with a pilot assembly line used for creating a variety of custom demo modules for different customers, all using the Endurans® CB. In fact, Eurotron isn’t just a partner; its automated assembly line is used by our own major conductive backsheet customer Silfab Solar.

Eurotron - Endurans Solar partner

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